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Facebook or YouTube - Which is Most Fitted For Digital Marketing?

por Senaida Butters (2020-05-06)

Now, because of the boom of social media and various other online platforms, there are several choices for a digital marketer from which she can select a right for her digital marketing needs. But while choosing a platform, she has to be clear of her marketing goals. Not all platforms are suitable for every marketing project. Every platform has its specialty. Carefully choosing a platform may prove to be difficult at times. But a good understanding of these platforms will help to figure out which platform to stick to. A good practice probably is to choose a particular digital marketing service from several digital marketing services in Kolkata and then decide which platform will be most suited for the same.


Facebook is known as one of the most popular social networking sites currently. A lot of people throng into this website to share their experiences, know more from friends and family. This can be a great medium for the digital marketer if she is willing to reach to a larger audience. She can have a lot of ideas about who can be her potential customers for her business. As Facebook's users have tendencies to share and re-share content, hence the digital marketer can reach to a wider population through Facebook.

Facebook is also suitable for lead generation campaigns. A marketer can run a lead generation campaign on Facebook. Through that, she can take her business to the next level. She can use Facebook for social Ad campaigns or other promotional purposes.


Youtube is a video hosting website. So, if a marketer is looking to do a marketing campaign through a video, Youtube can be a great place for that. Many users regularly watch and bda comment on videos. So, opening up a Youtube channel can help the marketer to gain more audience access. She can periodically watch a different kind of videos topic-wise and theme-wise. It can lead to more shares and more audience engagements.

Sometimes, instead of written content, video content helps more to connect with the audience. Youtube for that reason can be a top choice for the digital marketer. When someone decides to do marketing using Youtube, then an intelligent usage of the different digital marketing services in Kolkata will provide the desired result.

The following is the comparison between Facebook and Youtube.

Facebook is a social networking site while Youtube is a video hosting site.

Facebook's users are mostly interested in personal and social topics. Youtube's users are more interested in quality videos and they choose from a large pool of categories- entertainment, educational or informational.

Facebook and Youtube, both are user-centric.

Last few words to end the article with -

There is no way one can say that one platform is better than the other. You have to take a look into both of these digital marketing services in Kolkata to mostly determine the right platform for you. You will not be able to pick either of two without being sure of what exactly your digital marketing goal is for the dynamic market.

Nancy Hopkins is a professional article and blog writer for various websites. Her digital repertoire includes SEO, blog journalism and social media. She has written on several digital marketing services in Kolkata . Her works are extremely popular among the digital marketing fraternity.